Oyasumi Punpun Bastard Oyasumi Punpun This is my first review so bear with me here lol. Have you ever wondered Whats the meaning to life? or just felt like ending it all one day? Well Ive been there too and honestly I still have days where I feel that way but these two stories have really changed the way I look at life now. Oyasumi Punpun is a very very dark manga. One I wouldnt necessarily recommend to someone whos facing a hard time in life. But despite how dark Punpun may be it can be life changing for some people. When we look at the character Punpun we notice he has no body structure. Hes not like your normal full drawn anime boy if thats the correct term to use here but you get what I mean. This is one of the mangas strongest points in my opinion. At first glance it looks silly but I personally think this shows irony in the story. You never expect a story with a silly looking bird to be so..dark. I dont know about anyone else but when I read Punpun I imagined myself as Punpun. What I mean when I say this is that I basically replaced Punpun and added myself into the story as the MC. Now I feel like this the way to go when reading this story if you want to get the full impact on it and truly understand why its so good and well respected in the Manga/Anime community. As the story progresses it feels like youre walking in Punpuns shoes like youre going through the same problems as him. What makes this so impactful is watching what you couldve become if you looked at life the way he did or if you went through the same things he did. Not necessarily exactly like Punpun but you could end up in a darker situation than you were originally in. Another one of its strong points is its amazing art. You could honestly spend a good minute just amazed at how good the art for Punpun is. Its honestly one of the best art styles ive seen in a long time. Punpuns characters also have amazing backstory to them that makes you be able to understand why they act the way they do. From Punpun Aiko Pegasus even Seki. Out of 10 points Id easily give this a 10/10. I truly believe anyone can have a deep connection for this manga. The only downside to it is that the stuff it goes over is so dark that it may be impossible to reread. Bastard Bastard is a manga Ive recently finished and can gladly say it deserves the second spot on my top 10 manga right under Oyasumi Punpun. Without getting into too much detail Bastard is about a boy named Jin Seon whos the son of a murderer Dongsoo SeonWhich isnt really a spoiler because its said in the first chapter of the story. He struggles to fit in at school due to his hard life and as if things arent bad enough Jin helps his father kill the victims. When Kyun Yoon a transfer student catches the eye of Dongoo Seon Jin has to decide whether to help his father kill her or protect her. While all of this is happening Jin wants to be free from his fathers grasp but due to certain things he just cant do it. As the story progresses youre introduced to a lot of characters who all have their own problems in life. For example spoiler warning As you see the characters backstory its easy to start building up love for them and understand them more. Lets take the MC Jin Seon for example. You could understand why hes the way he is through the little that you were given at the beginning but as it progresses you learn new things about him that play a huge factor in him as a character. You see him even going flat out berserk during some chapters due to how messed up his past was. It makes you feel sorry for a person like Jin. Hes a boy who had no chance in life as a kid. He was thrown into a rough environment from the start and its honestly amazing to watch how he develops as a character. There are even some points where youre rooting for Jin but know what hes doing is completely out wrong. Now Bastard isnt as dark as Punpun is but despite that still manages to do justice. Ihonsetly think youd have to be cautious when reading the story because there are some scenes where its darkness really shows. I personally feel like Bastard is a great example of how a Thriller and Mystery story should be. Its story development is so good that youd never actually get bored of the series. And the ending just completely makes the story come to a full circle making bastard a masterpiece. The art style is good though for a manwha you wouldnt usually expect the same type of amazing panels like Punpun Berserk or Vagabond but its still good. Out of 10 id give this manwha a 10/10. Ending this review Now that Ive come to the end I just wanna say if youve made it all the way to here youre honestly a legend lmao. For real though thanks for giving my review a read. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or responses about my review and if this review encouraged you to read any of these stories lmk I think thatd be pretty cool lol. If you havent read any of these stories I highly suggest you do and if you have let me know if you agree with anything I said or not. You guys have a blessed day or night wherever you are peace.
100 /100
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