Masaaki Yuasa

Birth:Mar 16, 1965
Years active:1987-Present
Hometown:Fukuoka, Japan
Twitter An acclaimed anime director known for his wild freeform style. After graduating from the Kyushu Sangyo Universitys Faculty of Arts in 1987 he joined studio Ajiado initially as inbetweener but rapidly moving to key animation. In the first part of his career Yuasa established himself as an idiosynchratic creator while working on several child friendly anime such as Chibi Marukochan and Doraemon but especially on Crayon Shinchan a project he was involved with for most of the 90s. One of his breakthrough roles in this period was his participation on the second part of The Hakkenden working as animation director under Shinya Oohira direction. This OVA was an important outing of the 90s uniting many veteran artists and talented newcomers. He debuted as director on Mind Game an abstract piece combining animation and liveaction footage winning the 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival overcoming even Hayao Miyazakis Howls Moving Castle and earning Yoshiyuki Tomino praise who acted as the chief judge. After Mind Game Yuasa spent several years at MADHOUSE working on various projects. In 2013 he founded Science SARU alongside his close affiliate EunYeong Choi On March 25 2020 it was announced Yuasa stepped down as the CEO of Science SARU. He would work there as director until the completion of his latest Movie InuOh and would later cease any affiliation with the studio.