アジアン・カンフー・ジェネレーション, AKFG, AKG, Ajikan (アジカン)
Years active:1996-Present
Hometown:Yokohama, Japan
Website Twitter Youtube Asian KungFu Generation stylized as ASIAN KUNGFU GENERATION is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 1996. Starting out as a college band they released a series of independent EPs featuring lyrics mostly sung in English. In 2002 they released their majorlabel EP debut Hokai Amplifier from that point singing their lyrics in Japanese. The bands musical style is influenced by seminal Western alternative rock acts as well as their own local Japanese indierock and punk scene. Their songs incorporate various aspects of the genres most typically expressing fast tempos and prominent power chord guitar riffs in addition to rhythmic groove and emotional lyrics. Despite the indie nature of their music the band has enjoyed worldwide commercial success in addition to critical acclaim. They have also been cited as one of the best most balanced modern rock bands to emerge from Japan in the 00s. Members: Masafumi Gotou vocalist Kensuke Kita guitarist Takahiro Yamada bassist Kiyoshi Ijichi drummer Source: Wikipedia