Nami Tamaki

成実 玉置

Nami Tamaki (玉置成実, Tamaki Nami, born June 1, 1988) is a Japanese pop singer, known for her young age and her powerful dancing. Her career took off when she was selected out of 5,000 in a Sony Music Japan Audition in 2003, singing and dancing to Destiny's Child's "Survivor". She has various commercial tie-ins with the Japanese anime and games industry, and has also performed in a stage musical and a movie. Her musical influences include American singers such as Britney Spears, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. Nami has a relatively close relationship with the ACG (Anime, Comics, Game) industry, as she contributed to several ACG franchises with her music. Well-known examples of her contributions include those in the Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny franchise[1], the anime series D.Gray-man with Brightdown as the second opening song as well as Sanctuary, and one of the opening themes of the anime series Kiba. She also performed the song Fortune as the main theme for the PS2 role-playing game "Radiata Stories", and CASTAWAY as the theme song for a GBA turn-based strategy game, Super Robot Wars J. Taken from Wikipedia