Kouhei Tanaka

田中公平, Kohei Tanaka
Birth:Feb 14, 1954
Hometown:Osaka, Japan
Twitter Kouhei attended Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Music Faculty Composition Department studying under Tomojirou Ikenouchi and other professors. He worked for three consecutive years at Victor Music Industries after he graduated from the University. He attended Berklee College of Music for two years after he left Victor Music Industries. After returning to Japan Kouhei started his activities as a composer. Though Kouhei had been playing at the hotel at first he was requested to compose an insert song for Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX a 1982 TV anime and it became his first work as a composer. Afterwards he handled some more compositions of insert songs this time for the Super Sentai series and he also did the composition of the background music for a TV anime Konpora Kid in 1985. Notably the Top O Neraes Gunbuster BGM made his name and talent very famous among anime fans and is recognized as one of this most important works. He also handled the composition of Top o Nerae 2 Diebuster and showed a peculiar arrangement which he added to his own work 17 years ago. Kouheis composition is especially known by the hot strings of that. Another of his most important work is often said to be Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar The King of Braves GaoGaiGar a 1997 TV anime and GaoGaiGar Final a 2000 OVA. In 2002 he won the first Tokyo Anime Award for Best Music for the music in the TV series Overman King Gainer.