Takao Yaguchi

矢口高雄, 高橋高雄, やぐちたかお, Takahashi Takao
Birth:Oct 28, 1939
Death:Nov 20, 2020
Years active:1969-2020
Hometown:Nishinaruse (Currently Yokote), Akita Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:A
Official Websitehttps://www.yaguchitakao.com/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/yaguchitakao He was a Japanese mangaka and essayist. Known for his works on nature based slice of life this mangaka worked for Hago Bank now Hokuto Bank while he was attending Masuda High School and worked there for 12 years. In 1969 he made his debut as an amateur writer under his real name with his prizewinning work Nagamochiuta Kou which was published in Garo. Some of his famous works include Tsurikichi Sanpei and Habatake Taroumaru. He died of pancreatic cancer in the year 2020.