Masahiro Andou

Birth:Sep 1, 1967
Years active:1988-Present
Hometown:Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Originating from Studio Annapuru where he worked under the supervision of Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino He went independent after leaving the studio in 1991. As a freelancer he worked on numerous works as a key animator and started quickly getting recognized as one of the strongest action animators in the industry. In 2000 Andou made his debut as an episode director with Medarot 49th episode and started gradually shifting his focus from animating to directing and storyboarding episodes himself. He mainly worked on studio Bones productions in the early 00s and got to direct several episodes of RahXephon Wolfs Rain and Fullmetal Alchemist In 2007 he directed Sword of the Stranger a film which was also produced by Bones. He has since directed multiple shows for both Bones and P.A. Works Noted for his action storyboards. He is also close friends with Masahiro Satou and often works with him. Note: Not to be confused with older animator Masahiro Andou