Hiroyuki Morita

Birth:Jun 26, 1964
Years active:1987-Present
Home town:Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Morita626 Wiki jphttps://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Wiki enhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HiroyukiMorita After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering at Fukuoka University he joined the animation production company Shaft. His first work as an animator was Hiatari Ryoukouhttps://anilist.co/anime/729/. Afterwards he went freelance and served as inbetweener on movies such as Akirahttps://anilist.co/anime/47/ and Kikis Delivery Servicehttps://anilist.co/anime/512/ before debuting as a key animator on Lupin III: Bye Bye Lady Libertyhttps://anilist.co/anime/1415/ in 1989. After this he participated in numerous works as an animator. Him working on Studio Ghiblihttps://anilist.co/studio/21/s films as an animator led to him being selected as a director for The Cat Returnshttps://anilist.co/anime/597/. A movie which remains as one of his most noted works today. In 2007 Morita directed his first TV series Bokuranohttps://anilist.co/anime/1690/.