Takeshi Nogami

武志 野上
Recently known for his work in Strike Witches doujinshi Witches in Africa. Nogami started his professional mangaka career with Koutetsu no Shoujotachi a.k.a Panzerfraulein published by Kadokawa Shoten which due to various circumstances was cancelled by the publisher after Book 4. Now his activities include Sailor Fuku to Jyuusensha a comic about tankriding high school girls published by Akita Shoten Tsuki no Umi no Rua a comic inspired by Kaguyahime tales in a World War II setting from Shonen Gahosha and the comic for Moeyo Sensha Gakkou a semieducational book about tanks from Ikaros Publishing. As visible in his portfolio he seems to be inclined towards militarythemed stories.