Naoyuki Onda

Birth:Dec 17, 1962
Years active:1982-Present
Hometown:Engaru, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:B
Twitter 1 Twitter 2 He joined studio Bebow in 1982 where he was referred to by Masayuki Yagi a senior of his at Engaru High School. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Bebows founder Tomonori Kogawa were also graduates of the same school the latter whom he would study under after joining the studio. There he made his debut as a key animator on Seisenshi Dunbine in the following year. He left Bebow in the mid 80s and joined Pack a small studio established by Hiroyuki Kitazume During this time he was a follower of Kitazumes who has said that Onda was the one capable of replicating his drawings the best out of the people who worked at studio Pack. After that he joined Atelier Giga and worked there until becoming a freelancer. His drawings feature westerninfluenced delicate and sharp linework with an excellent grasp on threedimensionality. His character art in particular is highly praised both inside and outside of the industry which he gets to brandish whenever he works as an animation supervisor. He has stated that he prefers character design and supervision work over working as an animator himself. In 2003 he took part as a key animator on Production I.G animated segment in Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill: Vol. 1 directed by Kazuto Nakazawa He is also a huge fan of shoujo manga since a young age due to his older sister.