Shinji Aramaki

Birth:Oct 2, 1960
Years active:1983-Present
Hometown:Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Twitter Wiki jp Wiki en Aramaki is one of the leading figures in the industrys CG animation and is noted for his various design works in numerous anime series such as Gasaraki Witch Hunter Robin Wolfs Rain and Soul Eater among many others. Influenced by Space Battleship Yamato Mobile Suit Gundam and Star Wars during his junior and senior high school years he decided to pursue a career in film. One of his first representative works was an independently produced animation titled Moonstruck Artemis that he made while part of a manga club during his university days. Aramaki didnt have a special desire to work in the animation industry but has stated joining it solely because he could draw and the industry had a wide range of options for someone like that. He has also said that the spread of digital technology has made it easier for him to work in both anime and liveaction. In 2004 Aramaki directed Appleseed a reinterpretation of a Shirou Masamune manga by the same name Although bashed by critics the movie was an influential piece in the medium that had great impact on creators around the world. Studio Ghibli cofounder Toshio Suzuki said the movie would reform the industry.