Shouko Ikeda

Birth:Jun 18, 1975
Death:Jul 18, 2019
Years active:1996-2019
Wiki jp Shouko Ikeda was one of Kyoto Animation leading animators. She went through the Yoyogi animation school and upon graduating joined Kyoto Animation in 1996. The same year she made her debut as an inbetweener on Doraemon She also notably served as an animation director on the Inuyasha episodes that were outsourced to Kyoto Animation. In 2006 she was brought to the spotlight with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a show in which she was the character designer and sole chief animation director. The designs of the series as well as the general presentation was very well received amongst animation fans. She has no blood relationship with Kazumi Ikeda On July 18 2019 Ikeda was tragically killed alongside 34 of her colleagues in the Kyoto Animation arson attack.