Masao Maruyama

丸山正雄, Yumeji Asaki (朝木夢二)
Birth:Jun 19, 1941
Years active:1965-Present
Hometown:Shiogama, Japan
Twitter A longserving anime producer as well as a founder of Madhouse Mappa and Studio M2 Maruyama graduated Hosei University in 1963 and soon after he found work at Mushi Production in 1965. It was here that he met many of Madhouses future staff members. In October 1972 he left Mushi Production together with Rintarou Osamu Dezaki and Yoshiaki Kawajiri and founded Madhouse. From that time onward Maruyama focused mainly on producing and planning Madhouses upcoming projects. He also served as the studios president through the 80s and 90s. Thanks in large part to his frequent attendance at anime conventions he has become wellknown in America among Madhouses fanbase. Not simply wanting to emulate past successes Maruyama frequently says at these events that his goal as a producer is to seek out new challenges that will allow the production staff to keep experimenting. This attitude in part has been the reason why he has encouraged the studio to take on projects that may not seem like surefire commercial hits. In addition Maruyama has long been a supporter of bringing new talents into the animation business and continues to encourage young people to work in anime. In 2011 he left Madhouse and founded Mappa. Later in 2016 he left Mappa and founded Studio M2. Source: Wikipedia