Ringo Shiina

椎名林檎, Yumiko Shiina (椎名裕美子), Ringo Sheena
Birth:Nov 25, 1978
Years active:1998-Present
Ringo Shiinais a Japanese singer songwriter and musician. She is also the founder and lead vocalist of the band Tokyo Jihen. She describes herself as Shinjukukei JisakuJienya a Shinjukustyle writerperformer. She was ranked number 36 in a list of Japans top 100 musicians compiled by HMV in 2003. Shiina is an accomplished musician and songwriter who writes music spanning numerous genres. She is well known for her eccentricity rolling her rs and creating promotional music videos with striking visuals. She mainly plays rhythm guitar but she plays other musical instruments. During live shows she sometimes plays the piano and occasionally plays the bass guitar. While recording she sometimes plays piano and drums and occasionally uses uncommon musical instruments such as a melodica and a shamisen. Source: Wikipedia