Toshihiro Kawamoto

川元利浩, Yoshiki Toki (土岐義芸)
Birth:Jul 15, 1963
Years active:1986-Present
Hometown:Mie Prefecture, Japan
A cofounder and a board member of Bones Upon graduating from high school Kawamoto was first employed in the making and designing of precision machinery. During this early period he became interested in becoming an animator due to the ongoing Macross series Yoshiyuki Tomino Mobile Suit Gundam and Gainax amateur Daicon films. In particular Yoshikazu Yasuhiko work was a major influence. After graduating he applied for a small subcontracting studio called Group Donguri and was accepted. In 1986 he made his debut in Yasuhikos 1986 film Arion During the production he was mentored by the character designer Sachiko Kamimura with whom he would later work with on multiple occasions including being her assistant in Venus Wars which was also written and directed by Yasuhiko. After this Kawamoto worked on numerous series by Sunrise most notably as a character designer on the Gundam entries Stardust Memory and The 08th MS Team as well as the internationally acclaimed Cowboy Bebop In 1998 he cofounded Bones with fellow Sunrise staff members Masahiko Minami and Hiroshi Ousaka Some of the more recent works he has provided designs for include Wolfs Rain Ghost Slayers Ayashi Noragami and Kekkai Sensen Nonanime staff credits: