グランロデオ, KISHOW x e-Zuka
Website Twitter Facebook Artist page lantis Introduction Granrodeo stylized as GRANRODEO and also known as KISHOW x eZuka is a Japanese rock band specializing in creating anime soundtracks. They are currently under the record label Lantis 20052009 2012 while previously having been under GloryHeaven 20092012 Biography In 2005 voice actor Kish Taniyama Kishow and musician Masaaki Iizuka EZuka known for his collaborations in creating anime soundtracks decided to create a new project. During their years as a band they released a few singles that were used as opening singles for the anime series. In 2007 they released their first album Ride on the Edge and in 2008 they release a second album Instinct. In spring 2009 they started working on the soundtrack the series Needless for which EZuka wrote the soundtracks and Kishow wrote the lyrics for the song Modern Strange Cowboy. By the end of 2009 they released their third album Brush the Scar Lemon. In 2011 they released their fourth album Supernova and in 2012 they released their fifth album Crack Star Flash. Granrodeo covered Tell Me for the June 6 2018 hide tribute album Tribute Impulse. Members Kishou Taniyama /Kishow vocals lyrics. 2005 According to him the role of a vocalist is more suitable for him than the role of a voice actor. Masaaki Iizuka /EZuka Guitar composer arranging. 2005 His style of playing the guitar combines melodic solo parts and aggressive guitar riffs. He also collaborates with Minami Kuribayashi. Source: