Shichirou Kobayashi

Birth:Aug 30, 1932
Death:Aug 25, 2022
Years active:1964-2010
Hometown:Oketo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Instagram A former art director and a guest professor at Kobe Design University. Kobayashi graduated from Musashino Art University and first became an elementary school art teacher. It was only later that he joined the animation industry in 1964. He started quickly making a name for himself as a background artist and consequently established his own background art studio Kobayashi Production in 1968. During this time thick poster paint was dominating the backgrounds in anime but Kobayashi started a new style with much thinner painting and colored pencil strokes. He has worked as an art director on over 100 titles and is one of the most distinguished art directors in the medium. Notable works include Gamba no Bouken Ie Naki Ko Takarajima Tenshi no Tamago Utena Berserk and Nodame Cantabile Kobayashi retired from the industry in 2010 which was followed by his studios closedown a year later. In a 2015 interview Kobayashi talked about his life and passion in painting touring his atelier and showcasing his work.