DOES (ドーズ, Dōzu?) is a three-piece rock band. DOES was formed in Fukuoka prefecture in 2000, and did musical activities such as composition and performing there. Until 2005, some members were changed and there was a time that the group was paused for a moment. Releasing singles since 2004 in Japan, they signed with Ki/oon Records in 2006. In 2008, the 3rd single CD “Donten” got the 3rd place in Japanese music ranking. The band is made up of Wataru Ujihara (氏原ワタル, うじはら わたる?) - Lead vocal, Guitar Yasushi Akatsuka (赤塚ヤスシ, あかつか やすし?) - Bass Guitar, Chorus Kēsaku Morita (森田ケーサク, もりた けーさく?) - drums, Chorus (Source: Wikipedia)