Arisa Noto

有沙 能登

Noto Arisa (能登有沙) Blog: - Nicknames: Nocchi Birthdate: December 26, 1988 Birthplace: Chiba, Japan Blood Type: AB Height: 153 cm Hobby: Karaoke, collecting stamps, drawing, baking cakes Specialty: Calligraphy (pen name: Kanon [unrelated to Fukuda]) Favorite food: Fried shrimp, undone Least favorite food: White-bodied fish Dislikes: Waking up early Close friends: Oose Kaede, Aoki Erina, Korenaga Miki, Maeda Yuuka Siblings: 2 little brothers Noto Arisa joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello! Pro Egg in June 2004 when she passed the auditions alongside thirty-two other girls. She is also a reserve player for Gatas Brillantes H.P. It was announced that Noto Arisa would graduate from Hello! Project and become an Up-Front Egg on the Shinjin Kouen September ~Yokohama JUMP~ concert on 9/23, she will still continue her activities with Ongaku Gatas. As of 2011, she left Up-Front Agency to be managed by Style Cube. Drama NHK Drama “Yumemiru budoo ~Hon wo yomu onna~” (in 2003; before joining H!P EGGs) “Doutoku joshi tandai Eco-ken” (7/2/2006, Gyao online drama) Plays/musicals: “Yume to utsutsu to maboroshi to ~Hyaku enno sai~” (summer 2006) Other: PB “Watermelon” (2002/11/10) with 3 other girls and VHS “Kureyon Vol.3 Noto Arisa 13sai” before joining H!P EGGS H!P Sports Festival in March 2006: Participating in the kickbase scoreboard for “3 ball” 2008/05/06 – HAPPY! STYLE Communication Circuit 001 ———————————————— 2009 H!P Shinjin Kouen April ~Yokohama HOP!~ pamphlet Birthdate: 1988.12.26 (Capricorn) Bloodtype: AB Height: 153cm “My specialty is Gundam Talk (lol), and I dislike cleaning my room” “My favorite food is fried shrimp etc. and I dislike white fish and walleye pollack” “I eat white rice for breakfast” “I have habit of touching my (and others’) earlobes” I look up to: Ishikawa Rika * My favorite spot is: Inside my room ———————————————— She is a member of StylipS

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