coldrain, コールドレイン
Years active:2007-Present
Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Spotify Introduction: Coldrain stylized as coldrain is a Japanese fivepiece rock band from Nagoya Japan. The band mixes melodic singing with screams resembling the posthardcore genre and while the band are indeed Japanese all of their songs are written in English. Biography: Masato David Hayakawa being the lead vocalist has a Japanese father and an American mother and speaks both Japanese and English which is also a main influencer in their choice of pure English songs. After the first two albums Final Destination and The Enemy Inside which were only released in Japan the group made their initial worldwide debut in 2014 with the album The Revelation released by Hopeless Records and Sony. After the disbandment of the bands Wheel of Life where RxYxO Sugi and Y.K.C used to be and AVER where Masato and Katsuma used to be coldrain was formed in Nagoya Japan with Masato David Hayakawa on vocals RxYxO otherwise known as Ryo on bass guitar Katsuma on drums and Y.K.C Yokochi and Sugi on guitars. The common musical interest of the members was one of the decisive factors in the formation of coldrain. Once when AVER and Wheel of Life first codebuted on stage and AVER heard Sevendusts song played during Wheel of Lifes rehearsal an excited Katsuma asked RxYxO Dont tell me youre a fan of Sevendust as well? Thereafter each time they interacted they wanted to form a new band together. RxYxO was originally doing vocals but became a bassist because of coldrain. The band gained their first followers from performing as a local band in their hometown while distributing demo discs after each performance. Members: Masato Masato David Hayakawa born December 17 1986 Songwriter composer and main vocalist Y.K.C Ryo Yokochi born November 7 1982 Lead guitarist programmer and pianist Sugi Kazuya Sugiyama born April 3 1982 Rhythm guitarist baritone guitarist and backing vocalist RxYxO Ryo Shimizu born March 12 1983 Bass guitarist and backing vocalist Katsuma Katsuma Minatani born March 18 1987 Drummer and percussionist