Inori Minase

水瀬いのり, Inorin (いのりん)
Birth:Dec 2, 1995
Years active:2010-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type:B
Height: 154 cm Agency: AXLONE Website Profile AXLONE Twitter Instagram YouTube A Japanese voice actress and singersongwriter under entertainment agency Axlone 2017 and record label King Records 2015 having previously been under entertainment agency Sony Music Entertainment 20102017. She has been active as a voice actor since 2010 debuting in the anime Occult Academy voicing the character Akari Okamoto while debuting as a singersongwriter in December 2015. Inori was born in Tokyo where she began watching anime in kindergarten. She first became aware of voice acting when after watching a stage play adaption of an anime she read the stage pamphlet and asked her parents about a person mentioned in it. She found out that she wanted to become a voice actor at the age of six and at elementary school she listed voice acting as her desired future career. In middle school Inori joined her schools tennis and theater clubs however she quit the theater club due to feeling too embarrassed when appearing on stage. Around the same time her mother found a magazine advertising for a voiceacting audition which she participated in and won. Source: Wikipedia edited Nonanime roles: Iris Memento Mori VG Soline Goddess of Victory: Nikke VG Furina Genshin Impact VG Balloon Party Reverse: 1999 VG