Yoshinori Kanada

Yoshinori Kanada February 5 1952 July 21 2009 was an influential and prolific animator. Know for his experimentation with the timing of keyframes his dynamic poses and his peculiar effects Kanada pioneered a number of techniques and concepts that permeated and shaped the Japanese animation industry influencing not only his peers but also the generations to come. Kanadas ability and his tendency to be very personal with his drawings even to the point of ignoring storyboards if the situation required introduced and popularized in the industry the concept of letting the individual animators talents shine instead of being uniformed into anonymity. This precept is still respected today and its one of the reasons Japanese animation is so distinctly unique. His career is also a testament to his ethos that expressive and vibrant animation is not achieved simply through increasing the number of frames but through playing with movement poses and timing.