Takahito Eguchi

貴勅 江口

Takahito Eguchi (江口貴勅, Eguchi Takahito?, born August 28, 1971) is a Japanese video game composer and arranger. He is best known for collaborating with fellow composer Noriko Matsueda on numerous soundtracks, most notably The Bouncer and Final Fantasy X-2. He became interested in music when he was six years old after hearing his neighbor playing the piano. He attended the Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi where he acquainted Matsueda. Employed at Square Enix from 1998 to 2003, Eguchi is currently working as a freelance composer; he has since had various minor roles on video games and has also scored three anime series. In addition, he performed the piano on Yoko Shimomura's album Murmur. Eguchi creates mostly electronic music. (Wikipedia)