Tetsuya Komuro

Birth:Nov 27, 1958
Tetsuya Komuro also known as TK is a Japanese keyboardist guitarist singer songwriter and music producer. He is recognized as being the most successful producer in Japanese music history and introduced dance music to the Japanese mainstream. He was also a former owner of the discothque Velfarre located in Roppongi Tokyo. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in pop throughout the 1990s. In the Oricon singles chart of April 15 1996 he monopolized all the Top 5 positions as the songwriter and producer a world record. In 1995 he monopolized all Top 3 positions of the copyright distribution rankings for the JASRAC Award a record in Japans music history. At his peak as a record producer the artists he predominantly produced for came to be known as TK Family and at one time included Namie Amuro hitomi TRF Tomomi Kahala and Ami Suzuki amongst others. To date singles composed by him have sold more than 70 million singles whose lyrics he wrote have sold more than 42 million and all in all records produced by him have sold more than 170 million in Japan alone.