Website Twitter Instagram YouTube Formed: 1998 Genres: JPOP Rock Pop Rock Introduction: nano.RIPE is a twopiece Japanese pop rock band under record label Lantis 2010 affiliated with the entertainment office Highway Star. Biography: The band was formed in 1998 with the members Kimiko and Jun who were classmates in their prefectural high school in Chiba. They debuted as an indie band in 2008 releasing one single and three albums before they eventually made their major debut in 2010 while also signing to record label Lantis in the same year. Members: Kimiko vocalist guitarist incharge of lyrics 1998 Sasaki Jun guitarist chorus incharge of composition 1998 Former Members: Abe Nobuyuki bassist 20102016 Yuuki Aoyama drummer 20132016 deceased shinn. drummer 2011 Support Members: Hiroki Takahashi drummer Abe Nobuyuki bassist Naoya choku Suzuki choku bassist Takumi Sugama drummer