Tomohiro Ooshima

大嶋文博, Tom-H@ck
Birth:May 13, 1985
Hometown:Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Profile TaWaRa Twitter Instagram Wiki jp Introduction Tomohiro Oshima better known by stage name TomHck is a Japanese guitarist producer composer and arranger. He is also a member of and a production manager for the groups OxT and MYTH ROID. Biography His musical interest started when he was 9yearsold as its when he got to experience playing a musical instrument for the first time in his life. Later at the age of 15 he gained more experience but this time he got to play a guitar instead and at the same time he also started to compose music. He started to work as a composer an arranger and a guitarist for the company Far East Peach where he worked as a sound creator. As of 2016 he has mainly been active in the joint unit with artist Ooishi Masayoshi titled OxT Ooishi x TomHck and in the band MYTH ROID. Hes also representative director for TaWaRa Co LTD which he established with his own production team from F.M.F Co LTD. Affiliations TaWaRa Co LTD. 2016 OxT 2015 MYTH ROID 2015 Flyingpan Records 2012 F.M.F Corporation Source: Wikipedia