Mengo Yokoyari

横槍メンゴ, Yori, ヨリ
Birth:Feb 27, 1988
Years active:2009-Present
Hometown:Mie Prefecture, Japan
Favorite WSJ Manga: Chainsawman Boku no Hero Academia Agravity Boys Jujutsu Kaisen Mengo Yokoyari dropped out of high school to become a mangaka assistant. She had wanted to become a manga artist since she was little. Yokoyari made her debut in 2009 with MakenH Zemi which was published in Magazine WOoooo and later collected as part of the Mokkai Shiyo? compilation. After contributing regularly to the magazine she was invited by a Futabasha editor to draw a series for one its magazines. It would materialize as Haruwaka Yokoyaris first serialization work. She married someone from outside the manga industry on February 22 2019. Twitter Pxiv Instagram Twitter Her cats twitter account