Birth:Jun 21
Years active:2007-Present
Hometown:Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Official Website Blog JP Twitter NicoNico Instragram YouTube Spotify Introduction: ChouCho is a Japanese singerutaite known for doing vocal covers of Vocaloid songs on NicoNico Douga in addition to making frequent appearances in anime with original songs. Biography: In 2007 she initially formed the band LotusLotus stylized as while still in high school the band performed covers of songs from anime then starting from June 2008 she first appeared on NicoNico with her cover of the song BlackRock Shooter under stage name . In 2011 she made her first major debut under record label Lantis singing the opening theme song to the anime Kamisama no Memochou titled Kawaru Mirai and later in the same year she reappeared with the opening theme song to the anime Mashiroiro Symphony titled Authentic Symphony then in 2012 after releasing her 4th single titled Yasashisa no Riyuu she changed her stage name from to ChouCho. The song was also used as the 1st opening theme song to the anime Hyouka which released in 2012. Her last upload to NicoNico was an album released with Comiket 81 titled Little Nostalgia featuring 5 songs: Breeze Beautiful World Acoustic Ver. Hana to Hoshi no Monogatari North York and Under the Maple Tree.