Akito Matsuda

松田彬人, Nijine (虹音)
Blog JPhttp://fortepiano.net/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/nijine Date of Birth: December 16 1982 Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture Japan Residency: Tokyo Japan Graduated: Nana Prefectural Sakurai Senior High School 2001 Osaka College of Music 2004 Introduction: Akito Matsuda also known by his alias Nijine is a Japanese composer and arranger. He worked freelance as a composer and arranger until his employment with Popholic found place in 2007. Biography: Akito is mainly known for working under the name Nijine which he did between 2006 through 2012 where he wrote the soundtracks for a handful of anime while also composing and arranging various anime songs. In 2013 he decided to start using his real name for his work instead. He is also known for working on several eroge soundtracks and vocal songs under the name Tokia stylized as TOKIA early on in his career.