愛美, Aimi Terakawa (寺川愛美), Aimin, Ai-chan
Birth:Dec 25, 1991
Years active:2010-Present
Hometown:Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:A
Twitter Instagram A voice actor and musician notably the lead vocalist and guitarist of PoppinParty Aimi had dreamed of becoming a singer ever since she was young. She initially only aspired to become a singer but she became interested in voice acting after becoming familiar with the anime series Macross Frontier where she was impressed at how the series was able to combine music and animation in its storytelling. In order to make her dream come true she participated in various contests such as the Best of Singer Contest National Championship 2008 which she made into the Finals but lost. She was one of 3rd ANIMAX Anison Grand Prix Finalists with Sayaka Sasaki in 2009 and was a winner of the Osaka block. On February 6th 2010 she made it to the finals of the Aim for Ellie Milky Holmes Seiyuu Audition a seiyuu audition tour hosted by DWANGO Creative School but lost the role to Mikoi Sasaki. However she did make her debut as a seiyuu in the Milky Holmes anime. Aimi was the guitarist of a girls band in high school and selftaught but quit playing after graduating. She picked it up back in 2014 and used it to perform during her THE iDOLMSTER Million Live live performances as Julia. Aimi is the influence and where Kidani Takaaki the president of Bushiroad got his idea for the BanG Dream franchise from after seeing Aimi playing the guitar during THE IDOLMSTER MSTERS OF IDOL WORLD 2014. She used her full name for her voice actress career and Aimi for her singer career but she started to use the latter for both since December 2013. Source: BanG Dream Wikia NonAnime Roles: Brnhilde Azur Lane VG Mica Goddess of Victory: Nikke VG Serval Honkai: Star Rail VG Yan Goddess of Victory: Nikke VG