株式会社MAGES., メージス, 5pb., 5pb. Games, 5pb. Records
Website Wiki YouTube MAGES. is a Japanese video game manufacturer and record label for video game and anime music. 5pb. Inc. was formed on April 6 2005 after Chiyomaru Shikura left Scitron to begin the company as its executive director the position he still holds. The company is divided into two parts MAGES. GAME for the manufacturing of video games and MAGES. MUSIC for the record label. 5pb. was a wholly owned subsidiary of the TYO Group until Shikura purchased the remaining rights from the TYO Group on April 15 2009. Shikura coowned 5pb. with AGOne an affiliate of Dwango Japan. 5pb. Inc. changed their name to MAGES. Inc. in 2011. In 2019 Chiyomaru Studio bought off MAGES. from Dwango Japan and merged 5pb. Games and 5pb. Records with MAGES.. In 2020 the company was bought by Colopl.