Naoyoshi Shiotani

Birth:Dec 27, 1977
Years active:2000-Present
Hometown:Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Twitter Shiotani grew up admiring Ghibli films and Ghost in the Shell so he decided to enroll in an animation school in order to be able to participate in the creating process of anime. After graduating he joined Production I.G becoming one of their most promising young animators. After some years spent climbing to the position of animation director on series such as Windy Tales he left his first creative mark on the industry by directing storyboarding and supervising Blood+ kaleidoscopic 3rd Opening. He had his directorial debut with Tokyo Marble Chocolate OVA produced as a collaboration between Production I.G. and BMG Japan in commemoration of both companies 20th anniversaries. The OVA was awarded the Grand Prize in the Feature Film Category of the 12th Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival in 2008. Shiotani is most famous for being the director of the PsychoPass series. Initially planned with a postapocalyptic setting the concept changed after the Great East Japan Earthquake and evolved into its final form. The series is inspired by detective crime stories and scifi Minority Report Blade Runner Ghost in the Shell Patlabor with the precise intent of exploring societal problems.