Hiroki Aiba

裕樹 相葉
Former stage name: Hiroki Aiba Birth place: Funabashi Chiba Japan Blood type: O Height: 180 cm Weight: 58 kg nicknames: Aibacchi Bacchi Aibachan Hirokun high school: Funabashikita High School zodiac sign: Libra chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit shoe size: 27 cm hobbies: dancing playing basketball skiing favorite artists: FLAME EXILE aiko 19 AAA favorite food: monjyayaki likes: monjyayaki yakiniku sushi sweets dislikes: mushrooms eggplants cockroaches spiders perverts Top Coat profile: http://www.topcoat.co.jp/profile/index.php?a=32 Japanese actor dancer and singer. He is best known for his role as Shusuke Fuji in The Prince of Tennis musical series Tenimyu and the live film adaptation. Aiba was a former member of the disbanded threemen streetdancing group called Brights. The other two members included Atsushi Koga and Takuya who would also happened to later play Akutagawa Jirou in Tenimyu with Aiba. The group had to break up because Aiba had to join Avex his previous agency after he won in the Junon Boy contest. There were originally 4 people in the group but one dropped out so that left Aiba Takuya and Atsushi in Brights. At that time Aiba was still an amateur at dancing and hes stated in past blog entries that he owes a lot to Takuya who was already an experienced dancer by then for teaching him various things. He is now member of top coat agency.

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