Years active:2011-2016
Official site StylipS is a Japanese pop seiyuu girl group and subunit of HAPPY STYLE under Up Front which releases through Lantis. It features the same members from the promotional unit Team DEKARIS. StylipS was formed in 2011 to sing the ending theme song for the 2012 anime series High School DxD where each member would also lend their voice to a character. The groups debut event took place on December 28 2011. On April 20 2013 the staff announced that Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara are leaving for their concern about workload impact on their studies in school and they announced the two new members Moe Toyota and Miku Itou on April 27 2013. On May 23 2016 the staff announced the graduation of Maho Matsunaga who had been absent from performing throughout the previous year due to poor health. The 3person group has only made several appearances afterwards. Members: Arisa Noto Founding member Moe Toyota Joined April 2013 Miku Itou Joined April 2013 Former members: Kaori Ishihara Founding member Graduated in April 2013 Yui Ogura Founding member Graduated in April 2013 Maho Matsunaga Founding member Graduated May 2016