Atsumi Tanezaki

種﨑敦美, 種崎敦美, Hana Kiritani (桐谷華), Matsuri Kurosaki (黒咲まつり), Sawa Sawasawa (沢澤砂羽), Aiko Tomato (とまとあいこ), Shio Umemoto (梅本詩緒)
Birth:Sep 27, 1990
Years active:2008-Present
Hometown:Oita Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:A
Height: 157 cm Twitter Actress Profile Haikyo Atsumi Tanezaki is a Japanese voice actress who is formerly affiliated with the Toritori Office and is now represented by Haikyo. In an interview with Repotama Atsumi revealed that she became interested in doing voice acting after watching the anime series Sailor Moon She explained that her acting in the episode was so impactful that it encouraged her to pursue a career in voice acting. She began to study voice acting at a training school after graduating from high school in her home prefecture Oita using funds she had gathered from several parttime jobs. In the interview she also states that her favorite voice actresses are Miyuki Sawashiro and Mayumi Tanaka and as a child she attended a Junko Iwao concert where she had the opportunity to talk to Iwao. Upon expressing her desire to become a voice actress at a fan event Iwao responded stating that she looked forward to being able to work with her. On October 2nd 2023 she announced her marriage to fellow voice actor Yuu Miyazaki Nonanime roles: Femirins Houkai Gakuen GGZ VG Yoru Azuma Hatsuyuki Sakura VG Hanako Tanaka Tsujidousan no Junai Road VG Nagi Kodachi Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai VG Masaki Gaillard Amairo Islenauts VG Anzu Takakura Clover Days VG Ichika Yuunagi AstralAir no Shiroki Towa VG Sora Ousaka Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai VG Nene Ayachi Sanoba Witch VG Gretel Kangokutou Mary Skelter VG Sora Niimi 9Nine VG Ayase Mitsukasa RIDDLE JOKER VG Amleth Memento Mori VG Sin Goddess of Victory: Nikke VG