Jun Miruno

ミルノ 純

Also known as:

  • Mirumiru (みるみる)
  • Hinaki Ai (ひなき 藍)
  • miru
  • Moka Choko (萌花 ちょこ)
  • Satou Haruka (佐藤 遼佳)

Born on September 14, 1981.
Nara Prefecture, Japan.
Height: 150cm
Blood type: O

She is a singer and voice actress.
She is affiliated with the KeKKe Corporation.
Her birth name is "瞰野 純", read the same as her stage name.
When performing as a singer, she adopts the name, "miru".
She's also the vocalist of Cy-Rim Rev..
Her "miru" alias is not to be confused with Ichimura Oma's "Miru (みる)" one.

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