Keita Kurosaka

Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Website Graduated from Musashino Art Universitys oil painting department. He is active as an animator parttime lecturer in oil painting at the Kanazawa College of Art and as Professor in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University. Furthermore he is a member of the Japan Animation Association. Across his career Kurosaka has explored various methods of animation including drawing photography and sculpture and has also produced video clips installation pieces and comics. Kurosakas films have screened widely at international festivals including Rotterdam Berlin Annecy and Hiroshima. His representative works include Umi no Uta 1988 Midoriko 2010 Rinkaku 2012 Yamakawa Keiko wa Furimukanai 2017 Ikiru Kabe 2020 and many others.