Keita Kurosaka

Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Website Kurosaka Keita is active as an animator and as Professor in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Tokyos Musashino Art University. Across his career Kurosaka has explored various methods of animation including drawing photography and sculpture and has also produced video clips installation pieces and comics. Kurosakas films have screened widely at international festivals including Rotterdam Berlin Annecy and Hiroshima. He was also responsible for the 23rd stanza of the 2003 animated film Winter Days collaboratively created from the individual contributions of 35 worldclass animators. Kurosaka also created the 2006 promotion video Agitated Scream of Maggots for the internationally acclaimed Japanese rock band Dir en grey. Kurosakas major works include Worm Story 1989 Personal City 1990 ATAMA 1994 and Flying Daddy 1997. Prominent within the Japanese genre of art animation and highly acclaimed overseas Keita Kurosaka has developed an adoring fanbase that loves the breathtaking pace of his narratives and the tremendous power of his images. The animation film Midoriko is the culmination of a tenyear labor of love. It is amazing that this 55 minute animation completely handdrawn in colored pencil and replete with Kurosakas unique sense of style and color was accomplished nearly singlehandedly.