Shingo Yamashita

山下清悟, 山下清吾
Birth:Jul 28, 1987
Years active:2007-Present
Twitter Yamashita is one of the key figures of the Web Generation being among the first to be recruited within the industry not after formal training but after demonstrating his talent by posting animated gifs online. His first time standing out of the crowd was on Birdy the Mighty Decode His animation favors expression above all else to the point characters often bend out of shape when exposed to extreme forces and speeds. Despite this he still has a keen eye for delicate and realistic character animation inspired by the likes of Norio Matsumoto as demonstrated on both EDs for Birdy the Mighty Decode and Shinsekai yori where he handled all aspects of the animation production. He is also adept in post production work often handling the photography coloring and even CG in his own works.