わらいなく, Warai Naku, itagayui
Birth:Aug 28, 1983
Pixivhttps://www.pixiv.net/en/users/13735228 Artist and mangaka. Over the years hes worked as a doujin artist assistant to an unspecified mangaka and anime figurine designer. His two passions include American popculture with an emphasis on comics and action films and Japanese history both of which heavily influence his works. In 2010 he won a Silver Ryujin Award Comic Ryus newcomer award for his oneshot Magoichi ga Ikusa which would then be published in the August 2010 issue of Monthly Comic Ryu. His second awardwinning work Konsei Ou was published in the January 2011 issue of the same magazine. Later that year he would get his first manga KEYMAN serialized starting in June of the same year and ending in the February 2017 issue. Hes also a prolific figure in the Japanese Ninja Slayer fandom initially contributing large amounts of fanart long before the series recieved a physical release. He was eventually hired to do official illustrations for the novel series including character designs that would continue to be used in future Ninja Slayer media long after he parted ways with the authors on terms which remain unclear. According to the official wiki at times he would work on 1020 character designs and illustrations per month which earned him the moniker Older Brother among Ninjaheads. According to his bio hes so terrible at maths that he tends to forget his own age.