Shinichi Suzuki

Birth:Dec 4, 1933
Hometown:Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Suzuki Shinichi is a supervisor director and mangaka from Nagasaki Prefecture Japan. He lived with the manga artists of the legendary TokiwaSo before starting his career as an animator at Otogi Pro. He was one of the founders of Studio Zero along with Fujio Akatsuka and Shotaro Ishinomori a shortlived studio that nonetheless created shows like Rainbow Sentai Robin and nurtured animators like Keiichiro Kimura . He took part in at least the last Animation Festival with the short Dot and went on to take part in films like Space Firebird 2772 and Legend of the Forest and Yuki before focusing on educational films. While his most active time was in the 60s80s he has been making short stints in the recent decade as well. In 2001 he worked on NHKs claymation series Chikkun Takku and in 2003 he provided a warm and memorable short to Kawamoto Kihachirous Winter Days. He is also the director emeritus of Suginami Animation Museum. Notes: Not to be confused with the Magic Bus animator Suzuki Shinichi by the same name. Not to be confused with animator director and Anime Koubou Basara founder Suzuki Shinichi by a different kanji name.