Masamoto Nasu

正幹 那須
Birth:Jun 6, 1942
Years active:1972-Present
Hometown:Hiroshima, Japan
He is a modern childrens literature writer best known for the comedy series Soreike Zukkoke Sanningumi a long running 50 volumes book series about the adventures of three friends called the Funny Trio. The original idea was first serialised in the magazine Rokunen no Gakushu Sixth Graders Study in 1976 under the title of Zukkoke Sanjushi The Three Funny Musketeers. Illustrations were provided by Maekawa Kazuo who also illustrated the serialisation. In 2004 the series reached 50 volumes and was completed. The total number of the copies published exceeds 21 million. Nasu received the Iwaya Sazanami Award for the series and the Noma Award for Juvenile Lietrature for Zukkoke Sanningumi no Back to the Future in 2000. The series has been made into a television drama many times since 1985. It was made into a movie in 1991 and in 1998 and into serial manga in 2003. It was also made into animation in 2004. Source: AniDB