Shuuji Terayama

Birth:Dec 10, 1935
Death:May 4, 1983
Years active:1956-1983
Hometown:Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Terayama Shuuji was an avantgarde Japanese poet dramatist writer film director and photographer. According to many critics and supporters he was one of the most productive and provocative creative artists to come out of Japan. The only son of Hachiro and Hatsu Terayama. His father died at the end of Pacific War in Indonesia in September 1945. At the age of nine his mother moved to Kyushu to work at an American military base while he himself went to live with relatives in the city of Misawa also in Aomori. At this same time Terayama lived through the Aomori air raids that killed more than 30000 people. By 1983 he had been hospitalized with recurring cirrhosis in the liver several times and later developed peritonitis in hospital where he died from sepsis on May 4 1983.