Mirai Mizue

Birth:Jul 14, 1981
Websitehttps://miraifilm.com/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/miraimizue Mirai Mizue is a representative figure of the new generation of abstract animation in Japan. His films have been shown in more than 100 festivals in about 20 countries. His strong obsession towards cells forces him to draw every frame with surprising density. His rhythmical animation overwhelms viewers. Recently he has been trying to step into new territory: minimalistic abstract animation using linear figures. Mirai Mizue was born in 1981 in Tokyo and studied animation at Tama Arts University from 2002. He is known by his affection towards cells in his nonnarrative animation films. His films have been nominated in some major animation festivals like Annecy Zagreb Ottawa and Hiroshima. DEVOUR DINNER won the Second Prize in Animadrid. In SICAF he made a commissioned film from the festival in 2009 and was a member of Selection Committees in 2010. As an illustrator he provides his drawings to some Japanese novelists. He is also a member of Japan Animation Association and a teacher in OHARA school. Source: calf.jp