fhána, ファナ, fhana
A fourmember Japanese pop band that formed in 2012 as an indie band. After releasing one album independently they were signed in 2013 to Lantis. They released their debut single Que Sera Sera in August 2013. Fhna originally formed with Junichi Satouhttps://anilist.co/staff/127344 Yuxuki Waga and Kevin Mitsunaga and all three had previously been involved in separate indie bands. Fhna did not have a fixed vocalist at first instead employing guest vocalists to sing the bands songs. Fhna released their independent album New World Line on May 18 2012 featuring four guest vocalists: Makiko Naka Towana IA and Aoi Tada. In late 2012 Towana joined Fhna as the official vocalist. Fhna was signed to Lantis in 2013 and released their major debut single Que Sera Sera on August 21 2013 the song is used as the ending theme to the 2013 anime series The Eccentric Family Uchouten Kazoku.