Sae Otsuka

大塚紗英, Saechi, Saepyon
Birth:Oct 10, 1995
Years active:2015-Present
Blood Type:O
Website Twitter Instagram A voice actor singer and the lead guitarist of the band PoppinParty Saes first time with music was when she played the toy piano her mother had bought her and she even wrote her first song at the age of 5. She also belonged to the music committee in elementary school and was responsible for the trombone in her middle schools brass band. When Sae was 15 she started playing the acoustic guitar and singing as a street performer for 4 years before she debuted her career as a seiyuu with BanG Dreams Tae Hanazono and started learning playing the electric guitar as well. Saes hobbies include eating reading manga taking baths running writing music and taking photos of trees. She can also play both the piano and trombone and loves classical music. Her favorite anime is Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and she admires Nana Mizuki. Source: BanG Dream Wikia edited