Junjou no Afilia

純情のアフィリア, Junjou no Akita, Afilia Saga East, アフィリア・サーガ・イースト, Afilia Saga, アフィリア・サーガ
Websitehttp://afiliasaga.jp/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/junjonoafilia Blog Linehttps://lineblog.me/afiliasaga/ Formed: November 22 2008 under the name Afilia Saga East Activity: 20082013 as Afilia Saga East 20132017 as Afilia Saga 2017 as Junjou no Afilia Introduction: Junjou no Afilia alternatively known as Junjou no Akita previously known as Afilia Saga East and Afilia Saga is a Japanese female idol group formed through the Afilia Saga Maid Cafchain. Biography: Beginning as a unit back in 2008 the group is considered as a academytype vocal unit consisting of girls selected from establishments that belong to the Afilia Group which is a nationwide cafe and restaurant network. The group uses a lineup changing system with members who join and leave while being jointly produced by two people: Chiyomaru Shikura and voice actress and singer Haruko Momoi. In 2012 on March 28 Afilia Saga East which it was known as at the time released their 7th single titled Mirai no Watashi o Matteiru. The title song was written by Tsunku and composed by Chiyomaru Shikura. At the time the group consisted of 14 members this is the largest the group has ever been since its creation in 2008. The single became the groups first entry in the Oricon Weekly Charts reaching the top 10. A year later in 2013 during March 24 the group consisted of 11 members. Later in July of the same year after rebranding from Afilia Saga East to the name Afilia Saga they were tasked to perform the ending theme to the TV anime Hyperdimenstion Neptunia: The Animationhttps://anilist.co/anime/16157/ChoujigenGameNeptuneTheAnimation/ as well as the opening theme for a different anime release My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedyhttps://anilist.co/anime/19221/OrenoNounaiSentakushigaGakuenLoveComedywoZenryokudeJamaShiteiru/. On June 3 2017 they would rebrand once again from Afilia Saga to their current name Junjou no Afilia. Members: Kaori Nagisa vocalist member color: green Kana Hayama vocalist member color: yellow Yumi Terasaka vocalist member color: turquoise Anna Oda vocalist member color: orange Chloe Yuuki vocalist member color: black Sera Amemori vocalist member color: violet Amina Toujou vocalist member color: dark pink Beal Natsume vocalist member color: bright golden yellow Meimi Mochidzuki vocalist member color: crimson Former Members: Alice Rosen vocalist 20142016 Love Berry Janne vocalist 20142017 Myuna Shulita vocalist 20142017 Raymee Heavenly vocalist 20132015 Laura Sucreine vocalist 20122014 Ayami Chercy Snow vocalist 20102016 Louise Sforzur vocalist 20082016 Kohime Lit Pucci vocalist 20082017 Yukafin Doll vocalist 20092013 Miku Doll Charlotte vocalist 2009June 2017 Ramune Lithe Antique vocalist 2008May 2009 Lily Coco Evance vocalist 2008August 2009 Mayurin Shidii Messhu vocalist May 2009September 2009 Yuki Callenreese vocalist 2008December 2009 Mew Chat Noir vocalist 2008March 2010 Meena M. Frace M vocalist 2008March 2012 Rose Gardenfairy vocalist 2008March 2012 Karen Classica vocalist October 2010September 2012 Kurumi Lala Milk vocalist August 2009February 2013 Meiry Malonfeel vocalist May 2009March 2013 Aria M. Milvana M vocalist 20082014 Emiu Weilschmidt vocalist 20122014 Reina Scott Mauser vocalist 20132014 Nana Dorp Bijoux vocalist 20142017 Moe Meley vocalist 20152018 Momoko Little Berry vocalist 20152018 Mirumo D Pon D vocalist Aomi Maho vocalist 20102019