Seong-Hu Park

박성후, 朴性厚, Sung-Hoo Park
Years active:2005-Present
Hometown:South Korea
Aspired to become an animator when he saw Macross: Do You Remember Love? while in elementary school. He studied art in middle school and high school and later enrolled to a university with an animation department. There he was set on either moving to the United States or Japan to study abroad and ended up choosing Japan due to how popular handdrawn animation was there. After moving to Japan and graduating from Chiyoda Institute of Technology and Arts he joined Studio Comet in 2005 and began his career in the industry. He later joined MAPPA after getting scouted out by the studios founder Masao Maruyama Debuted as a director in 2017 with Garo: Vanishing Line In March 2021 he established the EH Production studio becoming its Representative.