Masayoshi Ooishi

大石昌良, オーイシマサヨシ, Masayoshi Oishi
Birth:Jan 5, 1980
Hometown:Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Website Twitter Introduction Masayoshi Ooishi is a Japanese vocalist lyricist composer arranger and guitarist. He is currently a lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Sound Schedule which is a threepiece Jpop/rock/jazz band. He is also a part of the duo OxT Ooishi x TomHck with Oshima Tomohiro. Biography Since making his major debut as a vocalist and guitarist for the band Sound Schedule in 2001 he has left numerous works as a musician. His outstanding voice which has revealed itself to be capable of touching the hearts of many worldwide and while having his performance evaluated by the people as a part of a new band at the time he got to appear on musicthemed programs on TV and on numerous unusual music stations while also participating in festivals nationwide. In 2008 he made his solo debut as Masayoshi Ooishi. His way of playing the acoustic guitar was said to be a masterpiece of its own and as a solo artist to debut with that as a reputation it made it all the more interesting for him. There are various ways to describe him as a musician some call him a hand magician or a oneperson amusement park some even say its like watching a magic trick. Not only does he perform live at the countrys floorboard he also performs on the internet on sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga where he attracts lots of attention from all generations alike but hes a lot more popular with the younger generation.