Seiya Numata

沼田誠也, 有明トキオ, Tokio Ariake, 戌屋タマキ, Tamaki Inuya, 犬屋タマセ, Tamase Inuya, 矢沼正太, Shouta Yanuma
Twitter Seiya Numata was born 1979 in Japan. He is a freelance animator formerly belonging to Studio Hibari and Ufotable. Numata is a graduate of the Yoyogi Animation School. He made his debut as an InBetweener on Kochikame in 2000 in 2001 he gave his debut as Key Animator on Mahoromatic and in 2002 he had some prominent parts as animation director on several Happy Lesson episodes. After leaving Hibari he became affiliated with Utofable working for them on several shows. Following his work on Futakoi Alternative in 2005 he became freelance. Numata is best known for his strongly distorted character style and peculiar sense for timing often being named as an animator of the Kanada school. He tends to work together with character designer Sakai Kyuuta whose disproportionated character designs particularly fit his style employing often large teardrops which brought him to spotlight in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The duo also participated together in several other shows such as Ichigo Mashimaro and Strawberry Panic having brought Numata a name as loli animator. Aside of being animation director on many single episodes for different shows he often tends to take over all work by himself on endings. Source: AniDB