Gekidan Inu Curry

Twitter Gekidan Inu Curry is an animation duo that consists out of Ayumi Shiraishi and Yousuke Anai. Shiraishi also known as 2White Dog 2 graduated from Yoani and joined Studio Gainax in the early 00s. She worked on less celebrated franchises but by 200607 received many high profile requests and directorial opportunities in the industry due to the promise she showed. Anai also known as Doroinu held a position as digital painter at subcontracting studio TANTO struggling to find opportunities to advance his career. Anai would eventually turn back to his old colleague Shiraishi as TANTO shut down in 2007 to pair up for Gekidan Inu Curry. Gekidan Inu Curry broke through when voice actress Maaya Sakamoto saw some of their drawings she fancied so much she requested a music video production. Their trademark aesthetic had been on showcase since day one: cute fairy tale concepts that turn out to be more twisted on closer inspection a combination of standard 2D animation using paper with all sorts of stopmotion techniques and collages that similarly mix not just art styles but different materials together. The duo often chooses to have their work credited as a public performance which elegantly summarizes the Gekidan Inu Curry experience. Their craft is very physical going as far as to make plushies making it feel as if youre watching an exhibition. Gekidan Inu Curry strongly wear their influences on their sleeves often citing a deep appreciation for Russian and Czech animation with more emphasis on the latter. The influence of Czech puppet animation is very thick and reminiscent of filmmakers such as Ji Trnka and Jan vankmajer Observing their works more closely we can see parallels such as grotesque unsettling takes on fairy tale concepts without compromising the childlike wonder theyre supposed to evoke. Although Gekidan Inu Curry have worked for many studios such as Gainax and Production I.G. their most prominent works are on Studio SHAFT shows with megahit Madoka Magica propelling them into stardom. The duo was approached at an early stage of preproduction and given much freedom to create something genuinely otherworldly which led to them leaving a strong impression. The multitalented duo received the artistic freedom to handle all of the backstories for the witches allowing them to further expand the Madoka universe and inextricably tying themselves to the identity of the franchise which eventually led to their work as chief director on the spinoff Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica Gaiden source